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Acupuncture works through stimulating acupoints that lie on lines or channels in the body and are stimulated by the insertion of fine needles at various locations.

The action of each point , and combinations of points, and their a effectiveness in treating different diseases, have been learnt through clinical practice for many centuries.

In recent years many of these actions have been scientifically refined and verified by modern research methods



Chinese Herbal Medicine is concerned with the correction of internal imbalance as opposed to simply responding to symptoms.

The TCM doctor approach is also designed to encourage the patient to actively participate in the self-healing process by addressing diet, exercise etc.

The use of loose medicinal herbs enables your TCM doctor to prescribe each formula to meet your individual need. As your condition improves, your herbalist can modify the herbal prescription.

Patient protection is a prime priority of Golden Health Clinic making Chinese herbs very safe, when properly prescribed by our qualified herbalist.

Our alternative treatments will unlock your body’s healing potential.

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